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Open source-powered data analysis


Analysis begins with good questions, is driven by curiosity and perserverance, and finishes with key stakeholder engagement.

At PSAL, solid research skills developed obtaining a Social Sciences PhD complement software engineering skills with Django, Flask, SQL, jQuery, and much more.

Open Source

Open source is now the mainstream approach to analysis, which makes sense given the harmony between open source and scientific values. PSAL is enthusiastic about the potential of open source and released SOFA Statistics (over 200,000 downloads) under the open source AGPL3 licence.


Python is the single best programming language for analytical work. If you are a Python developer interested in research, or a researcher interested in Python, we should probably talk.

The PSAL Director has been on the NZ Python User Group Committee since it was incorporated in 2006 and is active at national Python conferences (Kiwi Pycons).

New Zealand Python User Group

Healthcare Sector

The healthcare sector continues to embrace advanced technologies. Open source is a perfect fit given the constraints under which technical innovation takes place in this sector.

The sector is ripe for disruption. PSAL is interested in partnering with innovators in this area.


Linux and Ubuntu continue to change the face of technology in servers, desktops, tablets, smartphones, embedded devices, and much more. PSAL is proud to rely on Ubuntu for development and expects many more good things to come from the Linux ecosystem. This is where some of the deepest innovation is going to happen.

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