Dual boot Samsung 700 Ubuntu / Win8

My Mother found Windows 8 very bewildering (actually, so did I) and asked me to install Ubuntu (13.10) instead on her Samsung 700 tablet/notebook. I thought I’d set it up dual boot so I could occasionally use Windows 8 for testing purposes and in case there was any sofware that we needed in the future that was Windows only.

  1. Power off
  2. Put bootable Ubuntu USB in
  3. Boot but hold down F2
  4. In the BIOS config (it was touchscreen which was quite nice):
    • Advanced:
      • Fast BIOS Mode: Off
    • Boot:
      • Secure Boot: Off
      • OS Mode Selection: CSM and UEFI OS
      • PXE boot: On
  5. Save>Yes
  6. Reboot but hold down F2
  7. Boot to Device now showed: UEFI: DSE MicroDrive 2GB 1.00 (or however your USB identifies itself)
  8. Boot into Ubuntu installer
  9. Shrink Windows partition (the NTFS one)
  10. Add a large Ext4 partition for Ubuntu and a smaller swap partition
  11. Install Ubuntu onto the new Ext4 partition with / as mount point
  12. Reboot and set everything up. Success :-).