Canon MG7160 on Ubuntu broken by update – solution

Another problem with my parents-in-law’s printer – it looks like an update broke the printer on two separate machines (an ancient desktop running Lubuntu 14.04 and an Asus Eee PC netbook running Ubuntu 14.04). Yet when I took the printer home it instantly worked with the default drivers on my Ubuntu 15.10 system there, albeit with the colours a bit off (see I fixed this by downloading and unpacking the driver at Then, from the terminal prompt I ran ./, answered some questions e.g. what I wanted the printer called, and voila – I had a working printer with the correct colours using Driver: CNMG7100.PPD.

Some things to note about setting up the printer:

1) the touchscreen on the top of the printer lets you swipe left and right to see more icons. The WiFi icon is where you can tell your printer the SSID and password/passphrase for you secured WiFi access point.

2) another setting lets you change the name of the printer e.g. to something user-friendly like MG7160.

3) on some routers ( in the case of the one my parents-in-law were using as opposed to on mine and or on many IIRC) you will be able to see the printer connected. Having given it a useful name in step 2) made this easier to spot. I could see it on my own router but not on my parents-in-law’s router for some reason but there did seem to be some connection. After I renamed the printer it was detected on the PC as a network printer under the new name so something was getting across.

BTW the error messages I was getting when trying to run the printer on my parents-in-law’s computers were inconsistent. More on that when I update this post from their place.