Dual booting with GRUB, Ubuntu Jaunty, and Ext4

Ubuntu Jaunty Alpha 3 gave the option if using ext4 so I gave it a try on my experimental machine. There were already partitions for Win 98, Win XP, Intrepid, Kubuntu, and Jaunty Alpha 2. The new grub installed by alpha 3 worked fine but I wanted to reuse the menu.lst file in my Intrepid partition. I rebooted into the Intrepid partition and used the standard tricks with grub (see Win98, WinXP, and Intrepid Partitions to reinstall grub and point it to menu.lst in the Intrepid partition. I added the updated details for jaunty and rebooted. Big mistake. That version of grub didn’t work with ext4. Sigh. So I reinstalled Jaunty and simply modified its menu.lst based on the details in the Intrepid menu.lst that I wished to keep (e.g. the splash screen). Success. And now to start working with Jaunty (which is where I am posting this from).