Farce from the MPAA

In Making law the good way Colin Jackson recounts a delightful incident at the Commerce Select Committee hearing submissions on the Copyright Amendment (Infringing Filesharing) Bill. I repeat it here for your pleasure:

The next submitter was NZFACT and the Motion Picture Association of America (MPAA). This was led by the MPAA’s managing director for Asia Pacific, Michael Ellis. He made much of the fact that he had flown from Singapore to New Zealand to talk to the Committee. Ellis tried to show a video to the Committee to explain how easy it was to download the movie “Boy”. The submission came dangerously close to farce as he repeatedly failed to make his laptop display the video. These attempts took up most of his allotted time. Eventually he managed to start the video without sound.

Colin’s entire piece is well worth a read.

1 thought on “Farce from the MPAA

  1. Hey Grant,

    Great job spotting Colin’s post. I’m quite pleased to have the likes of Clare Curran on the select committee in regards to this. Her questions hit the nail on the head, and it shows that she’s well in touch. I was fortunate to hear Clare Curran talk at LCA2010, and though she’s reasonably new to IT, it’s clear that she’s really taken the task to heart.

    Thanks for the heads up.


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