Full-screen Warcraft under Wine

Dimitar Boichev shows how you can play games like Starcraft and Warcraft in full-screen under WINE in his Full Circle article (Better Game Speed With X).

Here is what worked for me (minor changes from what Dimitar did):

sudo gedit /etc/X11/Xwrapper.config



Then save and quit.

Applications>Wine>Configure Wine select the game you want under applications and then, under Graphics, make sure you untick “Emulate a virtual desktop”.

I also copied /etc/X11/xorg.conf as /etc/X11/only_one_monitor.conf so that I could handle my dual monitor setup by playing Warcraft full-screen in one monitor only. I needed to change:

"TwinView" "1"
"TwinView" "0"
i.e. turn dual (twin) view off

Then I created a bash script with the following content (NB to use your username and the correct path to your game) and saved it to my desktop:

X :2 -ac -terminate -config only_one_monitor.conf & sleep 2
DISPLAY=:2 nice -20 env WINEPREFIX="/home/username/.wine" wine "c:\Program Files\Warcraft III\Warcraft III.exe"

NB there are only 3 lines – the line starting DISPLAY goes to the end.

Then make the bash script executable (under the file’s Properties>Permissions>Execute – tick the tickbox). Double click it and select run to enjoy full-screen Warcraft etc.

Ctrl+Alt+F7 and Ctrl+Alt+F9 lets you switch between X windows.

One further way of improving your Ubuntu Warcraft experience – grab the latest patches. Then there will be no need to have the CD in the tray to play plus some other enhancements. NB not to confuse Warcraft The Frozen Throne (TFT) with Reign Of Chaos (ROC).

A key link is here – http://www.tipsfor.us/2009/06/04/install-warcraft-3-on-ubuntu-linux-a-visual-guide/ thanks to Brian. You can also grab some nice icons.

For reference, the files I needed were War3ROC_122a_English.exe and then War3Patches_ROC_122a_123a_enUS.exe.