Installing iNZight on Ubuntu (13.10)

Existing documentation for installing iNZight on Ubuntu covers a wide range of possible scenarios in Step 1. For my own specific case, however, I needed to translate it into a series of precise step-by-step instructions.

So here are the instructions that worked for me for Step 1. Once that is done, just follow steps 2 onwards in the official docs.


It is probably best you don’t already have R already installed. And if you’re using iNZight, you probably won’t. But if you do, purge it! Installation may or may not work depending on the version of R you install so remove one source of difference from what the support people will have tested.

  1. ctrl-alt-t to open terminal window
  2. sudo apt-key adv --keyserver --recv-keys E084DAB9
  3. sudo gedit /etc/apt/sources.list

    and then append
    deb-src saucy/
    Note: must have trailing slash (/) at end
  4. Click on “Save” button on toolbar or enter ctrl s on keyboard to save
  5. sudo apt-get update
  6. sudo apt-get install r-base
  7. Open R by typing R into terminal
  8. From R prompt:
    update.packages(ask = FALSE)

    y to everything

  9. q("no")

    to quit the R prompt.

  10. Then follow steps 2 onwards in the official instructions …