Kexi review (Access bruiser but not Access Killer yet)

After my disappointing experiences with OpenOffice Base last year I was worried that Kexi wouldn’t be much good. But it was – within its limits. The interface seemed excellent and intuitive and even though it wasn’t anywhere near as familiar to me as the Access interface (many thousands of hours) I found myself getting quite fast at it quite easily. My real issues relate to scripting. It was exciting to see that I could use python with Kexi as my scripting language but it is not clear yet how to add lots of sophisticated functionality e.g. when I update this field I want to check 3 other values and some data in the database and enable, disable some widgets and produce some messageboxes. This may well be easy (someone please correct me) but I don’t have lots of time to gamble on this if it is not ready. If I can get that sorted (including lots of good documentation on how to control and read from the widgets using python), I will take the next step and check out Kugar – the reporting part of Kexi. If all these parts work, and there is at least one decent book on Kexi in English, we might actually have an Access Killer. Kexi + MySQL + Kugar could be a winning combination for rapid application development – especially by non-programmers.

[update version 2.2 is released and looks promising –]