LibreOffice Keeps Improving

Version 3.6 of LibreOffice adds a whole slew of new features and fixes. See I don’t know if any are ground-breaking but they all add to ease of use and are very welcome. My personal favourites include:

  • Pressing “Ctrl+[” will decrease or “Ctrl+]” will increase the font size of the selected text, respectively. (Note that this function is not available for all localizations but will soon be updated to offer full support to all.)
    (Thanks to Paul Cameron)
  • Impress now correctly detects the external display and puts the presenter console on the local display.
    (Thanks to Michael Meeks)
  • Writer and Calc now use split colour buttons making it possible to apply the last used colour with one mouse click for font, background, border and highlight colours.
    (Thanks to Winfried Donkers)
  • 10 new Impress master pages.
    (Thanks to Alexander Wilms, Mateus Machado Luna, Björn Michaelsen)
  • Merge cells option added to right-click menu. (Thanks to Greggory Hernandez)
  • Recent Documents list is updated on Save, Save As and Close. Bug report: fdo#37775.
    (Thanks to Muhammad Haggag)
  • Allow for editing of read-only documents.
    (Thanks to Stephan Bergmann)
  • Substantially improved simple .doc/.docx import.
    (Thanks to Michael Meeks and Caolan McNamara)