Migrating to Open Source

Access/SQL to MySQL

If it is decided to shift from Access to a more robust, SQL-type database, MySQL and browser-based technologies provide a solid platform. The solution is scalable too, without the substantial licensing costs common in this area. Grant Paton-Simpson has been developing in Access for over a decade, and with SQL for several years. A recent project involves migration from Access/VBA to PHP and MySQL.

FrontPage/Dreamweaver etc to PHP

When upgrading a website it can be the ideal time to change the underlying technology. Usually it is possible to carry over large amounts of the previous website e.g. photos, smaller graphics, logos, content etc, while making the switch. One important benefit is the assurance that the website will work across the entire world wide web, not just on Microsoft browsers and operating systems. And if the website grows in complexity it is good to know that licensing costs won’t balloon prohibitively.

MS Office to OpenOffice (documents, spreadsheets, slideshows)

OpenOffice contains high-quality alternatives to the standard Microsoft products – at no cost. OpenOffice is also highly compatible with MS Office. It is easy to open, edit, and save MS Office files e.g. a Powerpoint presentation, from within OpenOffice. OpenOffice has its own Basic-type macro language (StarBasic) which allows power users the get the most out of their office software.