Ubuntu Precise Pangolin and Unity – I’m a Fan

Upgrading to Precise was by far the easiest Ubuntu upgrade I’ve ever undertaken. Almost everything Just Worked (VirtualBox, Netbeans debugging, Eclipse, SQLyog under Wine, Firefox, Thunderbird, ) and the only gotcha was that I needed to reinstall MySQL server (upgraded to 5.5). But that was very easy and all my existing local databases were there. My wife’s upgrade and the upgrade of the notebook also went very well.

My favourite changes:

A launcher on my second desktop so less far to move the mouse when working on the right-hand monitor:

Precise Desktop

Dash is much more useful – most of my tasks are 1 click away instead of 2:

Very useful Dash

Shortcuts are automatic:

Automatic Shortcuts

The HUD looks promising but I haven’t really given it a work out yet.

Verdict: very happy with the refinements to Unity and my best desktop experience ever.