Ubuntu Raring Upgrade Boring in a Good Way

I’ve messed with Ubuntu for 7 years now, and upgraded numerous machines for myself and relatives. I’ve played with alpha and beta versions and enjoyed each improvement in functionality and aesthetics. I found it most satisfying when upgrades went well but there were a dozen or so tricky tweaks required to get every last thing working. I’d blog about them. It’s kind of sad but those days seem to be gone – Ubuntu Just Works. And it works well – much better, in my opinion, than the Windows 7 system I use every day at work. It even looks better these days and I expect to be using Ubuntu for a very long time. So a big thanks to Canonical and the community for making it all happen. And just to be really clear, I love the polished Unity interface available in Raring and the direction Canonical is taking Ubuntu.

Raring Rocks

So I guess I had better switch my focus now to Ubuntu phone and start playing with that side of things. Hopefully, that will provide another 7 interesting years 🙂